Willcox & Allen offers Industrial, Distribution and Manufacturing products to fit all of your needs. Whether it be a large, turn-key installation or a single section of conveyor, W&A is your solution!

Over 60 Years of Experience in Material Handling and Systems Integration

Willcox & Allen is a leader in the material handling field. Emphasizing in systems integration, Willcox & Allen offers a variety of solutions to material handling problems for companies since 1951.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)


AGVs are vehicles capable of moving material throughout a facility without human assistance.

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Food and Beverage


Willcox & Allen has supplied the food and beverage industry with material handling systems for over 50 years, handling a vast amount of products, from bottles, jars, jugs, cartons cans, packages, crates, etc.

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Tire Handling

Willcox & Allen has supplied miles of transportation, accumulation & sortation conveyor for tire manufacturing ...

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Palletizing & Depalletizing

Willcox & Allen offers a complete line of palletizers, handling a wide range of products - a wide range of product types, weights...

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Textile Industry

Our engineers have, over the years, offered challenging solutions to hundreds ..

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Pallet / Drum Handling

Willcox & Allen offers a complete line of pallet handling conveyors and pallet handling special equipment. Most pallet handling systems are required to be heavy-duty - to stand up to the demanding requirement of today's unique layouts. Our systems are forklift friendly...

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Bulk Handling

Willcox & Allen offers a complete range of transporting conveyors, screw conveyors, and bucket elevators for handling a wide variety of bulk materials...

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Material Handling Systems

Willcox & Allen helps you maximize your return on any implemented material handling system we provide your company. Whether you are retrofitting, upgrading, or adding a new complete system in your manufacturing plant...

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Distribution & Sortation

Willcox & Allen offers turnkey distribution material handling systems with a complete range of sortation devices for sorting hundreds of different products...

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Warehouse Systems

Storage and retrieval of product for warehouses is an important part of any automated facility. From storage and...

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Paperboard / Furniture Handling

Willcox & Allen is a leader in the material handling arena in both the ...

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